Course Specification

Year 2019
Course Number LIN8006
Offer Semester 1 & Semester 2
Mode Online / On-campus
Description Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Credit Points 1.00

EXAMINER: A/Prof Jeong-Bae Son

With the advance of computer technology and the growth of interest in the use of computers for education, it is necessary for language teachers to become aware of the application of computers in second/foreign language learning and teaching. In other words, language teachers need to know about the basics of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in order not to be left behind in the use of instructional technology for enhancing learning and teaching.


This course provides language teachers with an introduction to theory and practice of CALL. Course topics include theoretical bases for CALL; current trends and issues of CALL research; language teachers' roles in CALL environments; the development and use of CALL applications such as multimedia/hypermedia materials and Internet tools; and strategies for integrating CALL into second/foreign language programs.


On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a basic understanding of second/foreign language teaching methodology in relation to computer technology;
  2. show an awareness of research directions in CALL;
  3. identify language teachers' roles in CALL contexts;
  4. demonstrate a knowledge of the practical uses of CALL in second/foreign language learning and teaching.


Description Weighting (%)
1. Background 10
2. Research 15
3. Language teachers and CALL
    3.1 Observation 15
    3.2 Design 15
    3.3 Implementation 15
    3.4 Evaluation 15
    3.5 Management 15


There is no prescribed text.


Son, J.-B. (2018). Teacher development in technology-enhanced language teaching. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Stanley, G. (2013). Language learning with technology: Ideas for integrating technology in the classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Activity Hours
Directed Study 80
Independent Study 80


No Due Description Weighting (%)
1 Wednesday, Week 8/9 Assignment 1 50
2 Wednesday, Week 15 Assignment 2 50


  1. Students should have basic computer literacy skills and regular access to a computer connected to the Internet.
  2. Students will require access to e-mail and internet access to UConnect for the course.