Exploration – Communication – Collaboration – Reflection (ECCR)

Jeong-Bae Son


Son, J.-B. (2018). Teacher development in technology-enhanced language teaching. Palgrave Macmillan.

ECCR Model of Teacher Development (Son, 2018, p. 59)

"The model suggests that knowledge and skills can be developed through active exploration, interactive communication, professional collaboration and critical reflection." (Son, 2018, p. 59)

Son, J.-B. (2020). Digital language teaching and teacher development. In J.-B. Son (Ed.), Technology-enhanced language teaching in action (pp. 3-13). APACALL.

Digital Language Teacher Development Framework (DLTDF) (Son, 2020, pp. 7-8)








·    Collect information on digital technologies, tools and resources

·    Learn about computer-assisted language learning (CALL)

·    Learn how to use digital technologies in the classroom

·    Trial new technologies

·    Interact with learners, colleagues, administrators, other practitioners, teacher educators and researchers

·    Use computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools to interact with others personally, socially and professionally

·    Develop online communication skills

·    Work together with others in professional communities

·    Share information, experiences, ideas and resources with other teachers

·    Plan, design and manage collaborative activities

·    Facilitate collaboration with online communication tools

·    Examine experiences critically

·    Reflect on one’s own learning and teaching practices

·    Think and practice reflectively

·    Do self-monitoring

·    Engage with critical and contextualized reflection

Sample Questions for Self-Assessment

1.  Are you active in collecting information on technological options for your teaching? If yes, how do you collect the information and how does the information affect your pedagogy? If no, why not?

2.  What factors do you think are important in the selection of digital tools for your teaching?

1.  What communication skills and strategies do you think are needed in increasing student interaction during online learning activities?

2.  How do you build and maintain your communication channels with other professionals?

1.  What do you think about working in a team environment for online teaching activities?

2.  How do you think you can collaborate with your colleagues and students online?

1.  What are the challenges of using digital tools in your teaching context?

2.  Do you consider yourself a teacher who is competent in technology-enhanced language teaching (TELT)? If yes, how do you see your role in the technology-enhanced language classroom? If no, why not? Any plan for TELT?

Son, J.-B. (2021, May 7). APACALL Webinar 2021 Session #15: Digital language teacher development through ECCR [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnHwvrCHzZU