Teacher Development in Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching

Jeong-Bae Son

Son, J.-B. (2018). Teacher development in technology-enhanced language teaching. London: Palgrave Macmillan.    | Publisher Link |


[Table of Contents]

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Part I. Language Teachers in CALL Environments
Chapter 1     Technology and Language Teacher Education
Chapter 2     Teachers’ Roles in the CALL classroom
Chapter 3     Teachers’ Competencies in CALL
Chapter 4     CALL Teacher Development

Part II. Approaches and Tasks
Chapter 5     Role-Based Approach
Chapter 6     Language Skill-Based Approach
Chapter 7     Tool-Based Approach
Chapter 8     Activity-Based Approach

Part III. Resources
Chapter 9     Some Scenarios for Teacher Development
Chapter 10   A Bibliography of CALL: Teachers
Chapter 11   Teacher Development Resources


ECCR Model of Teacher Development (Chapter 4)

Links to Some Selected Resources (Chapter 11)

Professional Organisations

Academic Journals
CALICO Journal
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Language Learning & Technology

An Invitation to CALL: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning
ICT4LT: Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
Technology Tools for Busy Teachers

Mobile Apps
Babbel: App Store; Google Play
busuu: App Store; Google Play
Duolingo: App Store; Google Play
Google Classroom: App Store; Google Play
Mango Languages: App Store; Google Play
Nearpod: App Store; Google Play
TED: App Store; Google Play

Online Tools and Activities
Online Tools for Language Teaching
Online Activities for Language Learning

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