AI Tools for Language Teaching

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. The list below is a collection of AI-powered tools, which have been selected and are presented for language teachers who are interested in using AI for their language learning and teaching. It is not exhaustive and can be modified and updated in line with changes to existing tools and developments of new tools. Also, there are tools that can be listed in more than one category due to their integrated features.
-- This site was first created on the 1st of December 2023 and is updated when needed.

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Son, J.-B. (2024, February 10). AI tools for language teaching.


  ChatGPT (
  Copilot (
  Gemini (

Language Learning Apps

  Babbel (
  Beelinguapp (
  Busuu (
  Drops (
  Duolingo (
  ELSA Speak (
  LangAI (
  Lingvist (
  Memrise (
  LingoDeer (
  Tutor Lily (
  Verbius (

Teaching Activities

  Chat PDF ( Interacting with PDF documents ( Writing assistant
  Grammarly ( Writing assistant
  ProWritingAid ( Writing assistant

  Hello History ( Conversations with historical figures
  Parlay Genie ( Discussion prompt generator

  Limbiks ( Flashcard generator
  Conker ( Quiz generator
  Quizizz AI ( Quiz generator
  QuestionWell ( Question generator

  Curipod ( Lesson generator
  Education Copilot ( Lesson plan generator
  Twee ( English language lesson generator

  ImmerseMe ( Virtual reality
  MondlyVR ( Virtual reality
  VRChat ( Virtual reality

Materials and Resources ( Content generator
  Nolej ( Content generator
  TinyWow ( Handy tools

  ChatDOC ( Text summary generator
  DocLime ( PDF document analyser
  SpeechAce ( Pronunciation checker ( Video summary generator
  Sonix ( Automated transcription
  Tactiq ( Real-time transcription

  Bing Image Creator ( Image generator
  DALL-E 2 ( Image generator ( Image generator
  Midjourney ( Image generator
  Alpha3D ( 3D model generator
  Sloyd ( 3D model generator ( Photo editor ( Presentation generator
  DeckRobot ( Presentation generator
  Glimmer AI ( Presentation generator
  Prezo ( Presentation generator
  SlidesAI ( Presentation generator
  SlidesGPT ( Presentation generator
  Tome ( Presentation generator

  Diffit ( Resource generator
  Audioburst ( Audio generator
  Podcastle ( Podcasting generator
  Descript ( Podcastig and video editing
  ElevenLabs ( Voice generator
  Murf AI ( Voice generator
  Resemble AI ( Voice generator
  Synthesys ( Avatars and voiceovers
  AIVA ( Music generator
  Soundful ( Music generator

  DeepBrain AI ( Video generator
  Elai ( Video generator
  Fliki ( Video generator
  Kaiber ( Video generator
  Pictory ( Video generator
  Synthesia ( Video generator
  Wondershare Virbo ( Video generator


  DeepL (
  Google Translate (
  Microsoft Translator (
  Reverso (


  Elicit (
  Genei (
  Scispace (