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Online Activities for Language Learning (OALL)

The activity types, example activities and example tools listed below are by no means exhaustive. They are interrelated each other and can be modified in line with their integrated features and additional options.
Note: All web addresses are subject to change. Please use a search engine to locate it if you cannot find any particular website at the address given.
(First created on 19 July 2017; Last updated on 28 December 2017)

Types of Online Language Learning Activities

Activity Types
Example Activities
Example Tools
Collaboration Real-time editing Etherpad
Social bookmarking Diigo
Virtual communities italki; Lang-8
Wikis PBworks
Communication Email Gmail
Forums MyBB; phpBB
Social networking Facebook; Ning
Video chats ooVoo; Skype; TokBox; Zoom
Concordancing Text analysis Compleat Lexical Tutor
Creation Books Book Creator
Cartoons Dvolver Moviemaker
Databases Airtable
Diagrams Cacoo
ePortfolios Mahara
Graphics Canva
Podcasts PodOmatic
Posters Glogster; Phoster
Videos Animoto; Renderforest
Websites Google Sites; Jimdo; Webnode; Weebly; Wix
Word clouds Tagxedo; Wordle
Exploration Dictionaries; Forvo; Howjsay; Visuwords
Information searching; Bing; Google; Google Earth
Games Flash cards Anki; Memrise
Social learning Kahoot!
Mapping Brainstorming Google Docs; IdeaBoardz; Stormboard
Concept/mind maps; MindMeister; Mindomo; Popplet
Presentation Broadcasting Zoho Show
Videos SchoolTube; Vimeo; YouTube
Zooming Prezi
Reflection Blogs Blogger; Edublog
Journals LiveJournal; Penzu
Timelines Tiki-Toki
Virtual walls Padlet
Simulation Virtual worlds Second Life
Storytelling Digital stories Storybird
Surveys Opinion polls Poll Everywhere; SurveyAnyplace; SurveyMonkey
Tests Dictation Listen and Write
Quizzes ESL Video; Quizlet; QuizStar
Tutorials Language learning websites British Council: LearnEnglish; ESL Cyber Listening Lab; Language Perfect
Language learning apps Duolingo; LearnEnglish Grammar; Sounds: The Pronunciation App