Teacher Development in Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching

Jeong-Bae Son

Son, J.-B. (2018). Teacher development in technology-enhanced language teaching. Palgrave Macmillan.      | Publisher Link |


[Table of Contents]

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List of Figures and Tables

Part I. Language Teachers in CALL Environments
Chapter 1     Technology and Language Teacher Education
Chapter 2     Teachers’ Roles in the CALL classroom
Chapter 3     Teachers’ Competencies in CALL
Chapter 4     CALL Teacher Development

Part II. Approaches and Tasks
Chapter 5     Role-Based Approach
Chapter 6     Language Skill-Based Approach
Chapter 7     Tool-Based Approach
Chapter 8     Activity-Based Approach

Part III. Resources
Chapter 9     Some Scenarios for Teacher Development
Chapter 10   A Bibliography of CALL: Teachers
Chapter 11   Teacher Development Resources


ECCR Model of Teacher Development (Chapter 4)

Exploration – Communication – Collaboration – Reflection

Links to Some Selected Resources (Chapter 11)

Academic Journals
CALICO Journal
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Language Learning & Technology

An Invitation to CALL: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning
ICT4LT: Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
Technology Tools for Busy EL Teachers

Mobile Apps
Babbel: App Store; Google Play
Busuu: App Store; Google Play
Duolingo: App Store; Google Play
Google Classroom: App Store; Google Play
Mango Languages: App Store; Google Play
Nearpod: App Store; Google Play
TED: App Store; Google Play

Online Tools and Activities
Online Tools for Language Teaching
Online Activities for Language Learning

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