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Postgraduate students conduct various studies in an area of interest to them as part of the work they do for a degree in applied linguistics, TESOL, LOTE or foreign languages. Many of these studies are quite interesting and deserve a wider audience than simply the lecturer who grades it. One way of making some of these studies more widely available is to put them in an electronic journal that is accessible by anyone interested in the area in which the study has been carried out.

This journal initially published assignments from postgraduate students in applied linguistics at the University of Southern Queensland.


  1. To provide an avenue for publishing the best works of postgraduate students of applied linguistics as working papers which students may then refine for publication in an authoritative journal.
  2. To provide research information to applied linguistics postgraduate students and others interested in the area.
Editorial Board

Guidelines for Publication
  1. Submission of articles must come through the faculty member under whom the student is working during his/her postgraduate studies.
  2. The faculty member makes the judgement whether a particular piece of work that his/her student submits merits publication in this journal.
  3. All papers must be submitted electronically.
  4. The standard format for bibliographic referencing in this journal is the APA. All papers should conform to the requirements of the APA style.
  5. Articles are copyrighted by their respective authors.
  6. The opinions expressed by the authors in this journal are not necessarily those of the Centre for Language Learning and Teaching (CLLT) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

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