Second Language Learning & Teaching
An electronic journal for postgraduate students


2001 - 2004

Volume 4, 2004

Isan: The Planning Context for Language Maintenance and Revitalization
John Draper

Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure and Implications for Language Teaching
Gabriela Pohl

An Evaluative Case Study: The BBC's 'Working Abroad' Website
Christopher Douloff

Volume 3, 2003

Aboriginal Languages: Too Little, Too Late
Lorraine Bonython

The "Bad" American Dialects
Richard G. Jones

A Bilingual Education Program in Turkey
Howard Brown

Volume 2, 2002

An Investigation of Japanese High School Students' Attitudes towards the Study of English
Jacqueline Norris-Holt

Volume 1, 2001

Two Way Immersion: A Viable Model for Second Language Teaching in Quebec?
Celine Brault

A Task-Based Program in Korea: A Case Analysis
James McLaughlin

Language Background, Methodology in and Attitudes towards Learning Portuguese as a Second Language by Expatriate Spouses in Brasilia
Tracy Ware

The Use of E-mail in the L2 Classroom
Mark Kupelian

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