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WBLL Activities for ESL Teachers and Learners


The Web is widely accepted as a useful language learning and teaching resource. It offers a global database of materials that can enhance language learning and teaching.

This Web site provides a Web-based language learning (WBLL) lesson plan for English as a second language (ESL) teachers, containing a list of Pre-Created Web Activities for grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening for use in a teaching program and Task-Based Web Activities that require students to use the Web to produce certain outcomes. It also presents some Teacher-Made Web Activities created by using Hot Potatoes.

A Discussion Group hosted by Yahoo! Groups is also available for users of this Web site.

This Web site has been developed as a part of a research project funded by the Office of Preparatory and Academic Support (OPACS) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

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(Note: The WBLL activities presented here are originally targeted for students in the Upper-Intermediate ELICOS course (entry: IELTS 5.0; exit: IELTS 5.5) at USQ.)

Project Title
Using a Web site as a supplementary resource for teaching English as a second language

Project Team
Leaders: Jeong-Bae Son & Gay Galligan
Research Assistant 1: Jared Donovan
Research Assistant 2: Sarah Muller

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First created: 26 February 2005
Last updated: 28 January 2021